The Hodgetwins: What do you know about them?

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The Hodgetwins are a pair of Kevin and Keith Hodge who, together, have been treating fans to some breathtaking stand-up comedy after starting out as YouTubers producing content for viewers on the video-sharing platform, YouTube.

The twins’ YouTube channel had amassed a massive following over the years.

However, it has seen a significant decline in the number of views recently.

As a result, this has led to a lot of speculation about what happened to the Hodgetwins.

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What do you know about the Hodgetwins? In this article, you will learn about them and get to know all about them and what they have been up to.

Who are the Hodgetwins?

The Twins | Image source: YouTube

They are an American stand-up comedy and conservative political commentary duo consisting of twin brothers Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge.

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The Hodgetwins were born on 17th September 1975 in Virginia, the USA.

The Hodgetwins started out as YouTubers, but in 2016 branched out to live stand-up comedy shows as well.

They enlisted in the Marine Corps and by 2013 they had over half a million subscribers on YouTube.

The Hodgetwins started their comedy channel on YouTube in 2008, creating content on comedy for people on their channel but upon amassing many followers their content scope was enlarged to include fitness videos, as well as relationship advice.

They have four different channels on YouTube for their additional content, including Hodge Twins, TwinMuscle, AskHodgeTwins, and Hodgetwins vlogs.

The Hodge twins are certified International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) trainers and appeared on the front page of TRAIN magazine.

They were guests on the comedy podcast The Fighter and the Kid.

CheatSheet rated them as the 4th best fitness YouTube channel.

Their advice is provided on

The Hodgetwins educational background

Have the Hodgetwins had any education at all? If they have, where did they study for their degrees or other certificates?

Well, after receiving their high school diploma, the twins went to the American Intercontinental University, where they earned their degrees in Accounting and Finance.

Where were the Hodgetwins before they became famous?

The Twins. Image source: | San Antonio | San Antonio Current

Everyone that achieves success at anything must have started from somewhere. So, where did the twins start from? Where were they and what were they doing before they became famous through their activities online?

They didn’t just become famous overnight. The twins were once marines.

Before their YouTube fame, the Hodgetwins worked several jobs.

They were enlisted in the Marine Corps, though it is unclear how long they were enlisted for.

They also worked as undercover security guards where they pretended to be customers to catch shoplifters.

They also worked at an insurance company.

It was at this time that they started their YouTube channel as a side hustle.

Once the channel took off, they quit their respective jobs.

 Are the Hodgetwins married?

Questions have always been asked if the Hodgetwins are married and if they got married to the same woman.

Well, the twins are married but not to the same woman as both of them have their wives.

Keith tied the knot with his wife on 31st May 2000.

In their twenty-year marriage, the couple has been blessed with two beautiful children.

Kevin is also married. However, he has managed to keep information about his love life private.

Interestingly, the Hodgetwins wives are of Mexican nationality.

The Hodgetwins controversy

The Twins | Image source: CNBNews

The Hodge twins are vocal conservatives and have over one million subscribers on their Conservative Twins YouTube channel.

The Hodgetwins are Donald Trump supporters and appeared on Trump’s Real News Update webcast.

The twins oppose the Black Lives Matter organization.

The pair is known to air conservative views on their channel, which has gotten them a lot of backlash and scrutiny from fans, especially those of African-American ethnicity.

The twins have focused on their political side of late, which has led to them neglecting their other content.

This has also caused them to lose their followers who were there for that content.

The Hodgetwins net worth

Entertainers are amongst the highest paid people in the world today and with the Hodgetwins involved in stand-up comedy, they have over the years amassed some wealth for themselves as they are estimated to be worth some $1.1 million. They made this money mainly from YouTube ads on their videos.

They also sell their branded merchandise on their website, which has added to their overall net worth.

Watch one of their YouTube videos here:


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