The Influx Of HIV AIDS In Ghana, The Denials Of The Youth VS Reality On The Ground

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This article is strictly opinionated for educative purposes. For what is worth, you’d go home understanding the reason you need to protect yourself.

With my many encouters with most people in Ghana especially Accra, I’ve come to the conclusion that HIV/AIDS has become one of the diseases people pay less attention to. Gone were the days that people were scared of the virus but these days, the mere mention of HIV has the same reaction as a common malaria.

This makes me wonder if the awareness about the virus has dwindled or people no longer care. After all these days people die of other diseases more than HIV/AIDS.

Anyway that’s not the point of the article. What I want us to know is that AIDS IS STILL REAL and this time round it’s SCARIER because most people especially the youth have throw precautions out the window.

I was having a chat with a friend sometime ago and he admired a lady so much that he couldn’t wait to “tap that a$$”.

Well, when I asked him to use protection (condom) when he finally gets her, what he told me was that, there was no way he would do that because the girl looked clean and he wanted to “feel” her.

Just like my friend, there are lots of young men and women out there who judge people by their appearances. The shocking part is they care more about not  getting their partners pregnant and with that they force the ladies to take contraceptive pills.

There is nothing scarier than coming out from from the hospital with a positive HIV/AIDS test result and yet it’s the exact disease people are careless of.

That notwithstanding, the youth especially those who can’t control their libido need to know the importance of protecting themselves.

HIV prevalence in the general population is 1.6%5 with regional variation – highest prevalence in Eastern (2.8%), Western (2.7%), and Greater Accra (2.5%) regions, and lowest in the three northern regions (<1%).

According to a statistics by the Ghana AIDS commission the current number of people living with HIV/AIDS is up to 342,307 with 122,321 being men and 219,986 women. This statistics clearly proves that a lot of “fine” men & women are having the virus. The unfortunate part that majority of these people are between the ages of 18- 40 where they are most sexually active.

Well, I hope with this article, people will be more conscious of the people they sleep with. REMEMBER HIV/AIDS is not written on the forehead of anyone. If you can’t abstain sex, use protection and most importantly, get tested and know your status.

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