The lady I want to marry says she has changed her mind because I’m too short- Ghanaian man shares predicament

A Ghanaian man has revealed that the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with has ‘ghosted’ him because of his height.

The young man suggested all was well between them until he made it clear to her recently that he would love to marry her. However, she replied bluntly that she can’t marry him because he is too short.

She then started giving his attitude including ignoring his calls. Unable to withstand this development in their relationship the guy confided in an online counsellor soliciting directions.

He wrote; “Pls hide my id Aunty Abena, pls good evening. Tanx for the good job u have been doing.

I am broken-hearted and sometimes I feel I don’t belong on this planet earth. I met this lady on this platform, everything was ok. We even planned to get married next year.

All of a sudden, this lady started complaining about my height, she is always like, “u are short, your 2300 salary is too small, you can’t take care of me”. Suddenly she started giving me attitude by not picking my calls. Ladies at times make short guys feel we are not human at all”

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