The military should take over Ghana – Great Ampong

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Musician Great Ampong has envisaged that there should be some form of an amendment to Ghana’s Constitution to allow for some form of military rule in the country.

According to him, the people of Ghana respond better to Military rule than democracy hence the need to introduce some form of military rule in the country.

He noted that currently, the level of corruption in the system has become worrying such that people who are tasked by the President to perform a particular duty fail to do it but squander funds meant for the particular task.

Apart from corruption, he noted that the attitudes of the Ghanaian people are one that can be shaped if the Military is left to shape the people in the country.

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Recalling the early days of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, Ampong indicated that there were a number of changes instituted by Rawlings and therefore introducing some form of Military rule can go a long way to help Ghana.

“For a country that borrows money to produce songs to tell grown-up men and women not urinate indiscriminately and dump rubbish on the streets, it’s imperative that we introduce Military rule so that the attitudes of the people will be shaped. Democracy was not meant for Ghana, we need to go back to Military rule by amending some portions of our constitution,” he said on Accra-based Kingdom Plus.


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