The Moment Fella Makafui Joined Medikal On Stage To Perform ‘Ayekoo’ Song In This Short Skirt (Video)

Fella Makafui has a new kind of ‘disease’ and it’s an STMT, an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Music Talent and we are just loving her first performance with Medikal on a big stage such as Ghana Rocks Concert.

Fella certainly wants to support Medikal the best way she can as the new girlfriend, considering the fact that, Medikal’s ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby was a musician so she wants to be able to do the things she did very well.

At the 2018 edition of the Ghana Rocks concert, Fella Makafui was seen joining Medikal on stage in her short skirt to perform the song ‘Ayekoo’ which was mainly made for her and also to tease Sister Derby.

A confident Fella hops on stage in her greenlike top and mini skirt over some high heels, holding a microphone and going all ‘gangsta’ on the night.

Then we see her turning her ‘obesity’ ass to Medikal to grind but then she remembers how short her dress is and that if she goes any lower, her pant would be exposed (that is if she’s wearing one)

Watch the video below:


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