“The most painful thing is when someone you love tells you, they love someone else – Yvonne Nelson drops heartbreak hints

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Actress Yvonne Nelson may be sharing with us some heartbreak experience she may be going through or has gone through judging from her choice of words on social media in recent days.

The 35-year-old single mother has been speaking passionately about love and her understanding of the ups and downs romantic relationships do suffer.

Recall that Yvonne Nelson gave birth to her daughter Ryn Roberts with her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Roberts on October 29, 2017. The actress remained silent about rumours of her pregnancy until she announced the birth of her daughter through a WOW Magazine Cover.

In a tweet followed up by other replies, Yvonne Nelson is alluding to the fact that it pains when someone you love breaks your heart by saying they love someone else.

She wrote: Do you know what’s painful, but beautiful? When someone you love tells you, they love someone else. Its beautiful because love is because they were honest about it.

It could only be that Yvonne Nelson is reflecting on the fall out from her previous relationship and has come to the realization that although it was a painful experience, there was some beauty in it.

Perhaps, she has found a new love.

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