“The Presidency Is Not A Remedial Class For You To Want To Come Back To Correct Mistakes” – Bawumia Drags Mahama

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The decision of Former President Mahama to want to come back to lead Ghana as president has been described as a ‘remedial class’ attempt by Vice President Bawumia.

According to the 2020 NPP Running-mate, the presidency is not a remedial class for Mahama to want to come to correct his mistakes.

Mahama, after he was shown the exit by Ghanaians in 2016, has pledged that his second coming will be to correct his mistakes since he has now appreciated his shortfalls and will be looking forward to having another chance to serve Ghanaians better.

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This assertion, Bawumia believes, should not be entertained by Ghanaians unless the presidency is some sort of a remedial class which it isn’t.

“The Presidency is not remedial classes for correction of mistakes. It is a place for serious work and serious business.”

“We all saw how badly he managed this country and the economy which led to many problems, such as dumsor. They could not pay for basic allowances and services.”

“Even in opposition, he hasn’t changed, and he says he will correct his mistakes.”

Bawumia furthered his point with the statement that Mahama lacks credibility and has not been consistent with what he says and believes thus Ghanaians should take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

“Mahama is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. He says one thing today, and another tomorrow.”

“He banned okada, now he says he will legalise it. He was in favour of teacher licensure exams, now he says he will cancel it. He cancelled Arabic instructors allowance, which we have restored, and now he says he supports it. He said he wasn’t a magician to create jobs, now he says he will create one million jobs. When we introduced Free SHS, he said it was a hoax and 419, now he says he will expand it.”

“Mahama said free things are not good, and he attacked us for giving Ghanaians relief with free electricity and water in the midst of COVID-19. But now, he says he will give free primary health care.”

“When he was President, he advocated for the independence of the Electoral Commission, but he is now attacking the EC.”

“Where is the consistency and where is the credibility?”

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Bawumia made these strong points against the candidacy and character of the NDC’s flagbearer during an interview on Ash FM in Kumasi as part of his three-day tour of the Ashanti Region.



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