The vengeance of a wounded woman is more dangerous than a hungry lion- Xandy Karmel tells ex-husband

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Actress Xandy Karmel has issued a strong warning to her husband Kaninja after the turmoil surrounding their split hit a new low.

Xandy previously said on Instagram that she had lost control of her social media accounts, including her well-liked Facebook and Instagram accounts, which had more than a million followers, ever since she broke up with Kaninja and thought that he had taken control of her accounts.

A new message from Xandy’s ex-husband, Kaninja, was discovered on what looks to be her old Facebook account recently. Users who were complimenting her for allowing her spouse to publish on the website called her attention to the incident, according to Xandy, who reported it on Instagram.

Xandy, however, asserted that she had lost that right and resisted allowing access to her ex-husband.

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“I woke up to this and everyone is congratulating and thanking me for it. Pls guys I didn’t post this on any of my pages. I don’t know anything about it.

“But am beginning to suspect, him for my lost accounts because he never posted anything on my accounts since our divorce but appeared to post now after I lost those accounts pls if you love this guy tell him not to try me this time because he won’t see me coming.

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“I suffered to build my page and it’s mine not his we are divorced and living our lives he shouldn’t play games with the mind of people using my pages. Am back to build a new page only for him to start this on my pages? Kweku bonsam Kaninja be careful. For the vengeance of a wounded woman is more dangerous than a hungry lion. Medaase,” she said.



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