“The Woman’s Body Is Over-regulated, Allow Them Post Videos Of Their Bodies In Peace”-Female Lawyer Says

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A female lawyer and entrepreneur, known as Moe, who is apparently appalled by the many warnings women receive about the future effects of posting their videos on social media, has asked that they be left alone.

According to Moe, those dishing out the incessant warnings about the future consequences are clearly missing the point.

She stated further that some of these people think their opinions should matter because the woman’s body is, according to her, over-regulated.

She insinuated that what women do with their bodies should not be the business of anyone and so women should be left to do what they so wish with their bodies.

Moe made this outburst on social media site, Twitter.

Ladies have recently been posting a lot of revealing videos of themselves in what they call the silhouette challenge and many people think that it could have some consequences for them in future and thereby admonishing them to desist.

But Moe thinks people are missing the entire point of what is going on.

“People warning women about the “future consequences” of posting videos of her body on the internet are missing the entire point.

The body of a woman is over-regulated.

And that’s the same reason you think your opinion on what she does with her body should matter,” she wrote.

See the screenshot below;

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