There’s A Tech War: Kane Mani’s Origgin In A ‘Fight’ With ECG Over A Mobile App That Would Let You Buy Prepaid Credit Right On Your Phone

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If you are an avid social media user, you might have come across a young tech entrepreneur, who’s known as Kane Mani, CEO of Origgin, a tech company in Ghana, with an ambition of using Tech to solve the many challenges that we face in Ghana and building the company to a $100 billion company by the year 2040.

Kane Mani is popular for his bragging rights about the things he’s even yet to do but we love him for one thing-His zeal  as an entrepreneur to succeed.

Kane Mani had announced some weeks ago that, his company was going to launch an app this August that would, enable people to be able to buy prepaid ECG credit right on their phone by using their Visa cards or Mobile Money.  The app, which is something majority of people have been hoping for, would take away the burden of going to form long queues  to buy prepaid credit and even sometimes being unable to get prepaid credit just because the vendor  had closed for the day.

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Kane Mani’s app, would enable anyone in Accra & Tema to be able to buy ECG prepaid credit at any time of the day right from their phone and pay with mobile money or Visa cards.

After his announcement of this revolutionary game changer which was lauded by most people on Social Media, ECG has issued a disclaimer warning it’s customers to ignore any app or agent that claims, it would enable them to buy prepaid credit on their phones.

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ECG also mentioned in the disclaimer that, they would soon launch their own official Mobile app to enable customers to buy prepaid credit on their phone.

Origgin, the company behind the development of the app, has in a swift reply, suggested that ECG is only bitter because they found a way to build their app after all attempts to partner them in the early stage proved futile.

According to a statement released by Origgin,  ECG had bounced them several times in all their attempts and so they decided to build the app without any API from ECG.

They also mentioned in the statement that, ECG has threatened to sue them but they remain unperturbed by those threats as they believe they have not done anything illegal.

Read The statement from Originn’s Statement below:

First, I would like to address the issue on the E-Prepaid. When we decided to build the E-Prepaid app about a year ago, we approached ECG for a partnership. For about a year, we parlayed the offices of ECG but we were always shown the door. We sent proposals but we never got any response. Therefore earlier this year, we discovered we could build the solution without a partnership from ECG but by partnering with an accredited vendor of ECG Prepaid. ECG is a seller and it has third party vendors who sell the Prepaid they have bought from ECG. These vendors pay ECG money to get the Prepaid to retail at a profit. We therefore worked on a new technology that allowed us to facilitate a 24hr self-service without ECG penetration or human intervention with a partner vendor for the Accra and Tema District only (as it covers only this part of Ghana). The vendor is fully accredited by ECG and sells already through the normal way before our approach. Our partner agreed to work with our technology to provide convenience for customers. Customers therefore just buy the prepaid the same way they would have walked or driven to our partner to buy physically but this time our through our app. The cash they would have given physically to our partner, they now pay it digitally to our partner. We, Origgin charge the customer a convenience fee for the service. As to how we achieved a 24hr Self Service without tempering ECG system and no human intervention is something we can’t share with anyone (this is many people’s bother esp. ECG). We’ve been using and testing our solution for a month now. I buy my prepaid from E-Prepaid which is sitting on my phone as I type.

Therefore, the public has no cause for alarm. We are not stealing and selling them power that doesn’t exist, we are not by passing ECG. We are just sparing them sleeping in darkness, the walk, the driving, the long queues to the vendors they would have gone to physically give them cash to buy by saying use the app and pay with VISA, MasterCard and all mobile money platforms. Once our software confirms receipt of payment, you are topped up automatically any day anytime by our software.

I strongly believe ECG is scared we have beat them at their own game. When the MD’s Office of ECG called us to inquire about the app, we told them that ECG isn’t part and we have a partner vendor we are working with. They enquired how we are have been able to execute the technology and we said we can’t share that with them. This made them threatened to take legal action against Origgin and the release of the app if we do but we told them that we have done nothing wrong and legally we are right to use technology to sell what people do already. If they present a legal suit, we will also counter them with a legal suit. Our refusal to share with them how we executed the technology is what caused the release of the disclaimer and hence our counter public notice (We have video out next week addressing this topic for the general public). As I have said, ECG can’t stop us from releasing the app, we won’t kotow to any sabotage from them but rather fight for what is rightfully ours and solve one of the nation’s biggest problem they’ve ignored for years legally.

Most people think because we are a tech company we should have some sort of API from ECG to make it work. We don’t. We have technologies that make it work seamlessly and it’s not an ECG API. More importantly, ECG makes more money from our partner vendor. 
Most people are scared of what they can’t think of or see hence they make all sort of statements. I am building the biggest technology company of our generation. I am the biggest tech entrepreneur of this generation. I am building Origgin into a $100 billion tech company by 2040, I am taking Origgin public on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 2040 and taking Origgin public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2030. 
To many this may sound utopian, but I dare them to judge me by this in 3 years, in 23 years and in our generation that if I, Kane Mani don’t rise to be the biggest, that if I, Kane Mani don’t break the glass ceiling and show the world that it is possible for a Ghanaian to rise and reach these heights many think it’s impossible or wishful. 
Nothing they say can stop me, nor kill my energy, nor discourage me, nor kill my ambition. I WAS BORN TO BUILD THE BIGGEST TECH COMPANY OF OUR GENERATION AND I WILL.

Writer’s Observations:

It’s interesting how things are turning out for Kane Mani’s Origgin. I personally admire the guy’s guts and perseverance except that he spends too much time bragging on Social media and that’s something he needs to work on. His idea to develop such an app is a great initiative and something that would really release that burden on most Ghanaians. I feel ECG is only being jealous and trying to kill the company’s ambition. They could have developed the app a long time ago because they knew of this challenge. They didn’t do anything about the situation and didn’t give Origgin a chance when they approached them on how to best develop the idea and now that Origgin has announced that it’s still being able to find a way without ECG’s help, ECG has suddenly realised, it needs to have a mobile app to do that.

I feel sad for Origgin as all comments on the disclaimer put out by ECG are in favor of ECG. ECG as a government company has all the power and influence to rubbish all the efforts of Origgin  as it’s still a Start up yet to find it’s feet in the tech space.

If the matter ends up in court, I don’t know how it’s going to end up.  We don’t know if Origgin registered as a vendor and decided to use another medium to sell it’s prepaid credit or not and whether the terms of conditions vendors have to follow stops them from selling the prepaid credit through other mediums aside physically selling it in stores..

I would follow this story and bring you an update on this.

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