They Are Trying To Finish Me Off With Juju But I’m A “Hard” Girl – Ayisha Modi Reveals

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Ghanaian controversial socialite Ayisha Modi has dropped a photo of herself looking sick and thin and has blamed her enemies of trying to use juju and witchcraft to end her life. 

Ayisha Modi captioned the post saying her enemies attempted killing her but she bounced their juju off and sent it back to them.

She claimed she has seen a spirit before and even on her sickbed and she dealt with her enemies spiritually. She bragged that she is a powerful woman and warned that her fans should be careful with those they call friends.

“Who them trying to kill?! This is Ayisha Modi your angel witch. Juju. I sent it back to them oooo. R.I.P brother D.J Adviser. Make them no try. You see spirit before? Even on my sick bed, I was given it to them back to back Arrrr woman is too powerful. Inside enemy paaaa ooo! Be very careful with those we call friends,” she wrote.

See her post below;

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