“They Want Me Dead; They Are Bitter Because My God Keeps Me Alive”-Koku Anyidoho

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The founder and CEO of the Atta Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyidoho has said that some people want him dead, but the fact that his God keeps him alive is what makes the people who want him dead so bitter.

According to him, they are bitter because they cannot penetrate his household anymore and as he celebrates his jubilee year they were not allowed in.

Koku Anyidoho stated further that their “borborliborbor king” doesn’t deserve more life than he does for them to be wishing him dead.

We cannot emphatically tell whom this “borborliborbor king”  Koku Anyidoho is talking about is, but one could make the guess that he is referring to one of the big men in the opposition party.

There appeared to be some bad blood between him and the party; a party for which he held some key positions including Head of Communications and Deputy General Secretary.

“They want me dead &, my God continues to keep me alive so they are bitter that I have entered my Jubilee year, & Jubilation where they can’t penetrate my household anymore.

They think their bloody borborliborbor King can enjoy life but koku Anyidoho must not enjoy life. Naniama!” he wrote in a tweet.

Koku Anyidoho was spoted with some big men during his recent birthday celebration with no big man from the NDC party spoted among them and that raised a lot of conversations.

Apparently, he wasn’t happy with all the fuss around the people he had decided to invite for his private birthday party and aimed a dig at them in another tweet where he said that the fact that they hate him doesn’t mean that others hate him too.

Koku Anyidoho in a shot with other people during his private birthday celebration

According to Koku Anyidoho, it is his party and that makes it his sole decision on who to invite and who not to invite.

He wrote;

“So, do the insane urchins think their insane hatred for me, means sane minds hate me too?

The more they hate me, the more people love me.

I decided who to invite for my private 50th and if I did not invite them, they can go to hell and rot in the devil’s fire.”


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