“This is rac!sm” – Career-ending moment where whites refuse to jam to Shatta Wale’s verse on Beyoncé’s “Already” track [Video]

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"This is rac!sm" – Career-ending moment where whites refuse to jam to Shatta Wale's verse on Beyoncé's "Already" track [Video]

Music-loving fans have described a moment where some white folks decided not to jam to Shatta Wale’s verse on Beyoncé’s “Already” track as an act of rac!sm.

A video circulating on social media gives an account of some white folks dancing in what looked like a dance centre or pub.

There were actually jamming to the “Already” track off the Gift Album which the American singer featured Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and Major Lazer.

These whites folks were dancing cheerfully to the song until it got to the part where Shatta Wale had to come in to do his thing…on the spot, these white folks just lost interest and immediately stopped the song and began to leave.

This act by these white folks is being been described as rac!sm against Shatta Wale. Others also argue that perhaps they do not enjoy Shatta Wale’s verse on the song and were not ready to jam to it.

Whatever the reason may be, the video has broken the hearts of many music-loving fans who believe Shatta Wale is too big an artiste for his verse on a major song that went viral across the world to be snubbed.

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La Quica wrote: If it’s racism then they shouldn’t have played the song. Because the owner of the song and the person he featured are all blacks. Make no body lie u agenda aside, this is the biggest Ghanaian collaboration. U wished it was your Mcm but wonye Nyankopon

Thug Motivation wrote: I just watched the video and all those saying it’s racism or they don’t like Shatta Wale’s part should stop spewing that crap. There’s nothing wrong with the video. These kids are in a dance class. Agenda nkoaaaa. Lol

Omotuo Kanzo wrote: They used it 4 rehearsals…they didnt include shatta’s part because it was not part of da rehearsals… i dun see anything wrong in this after all most white peeps used shatta’s u can’t touch me for most dance rehearsals

Rich Driver wrote: They don’t don’t know how to dance with shatta wale’s rythme. They were flowing with Beyonce’s rythme while shatta came with a different one, so they were confused about to flow with it.

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