This Is The Reason Why Ms. Ada, The YFM Presenter Faked That She Was Raped| Would You Ever Do Same?

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The woman known as Ms. Ada, the radio presenter at YFM Takoradi won the sympathy of the whole nation when disturbing photos of her leaked on social media, with reports that, she had been kidnapped and gang raped.

Just yesterday, the police who have been investigating into the matter, disclosed that she had staged everything herself and that she wasn’t raped as we were made to believe.
It’s still hard to dissolve all of this and come out with a reason any woman in her right from of mind would do something like this to herself.
Well, the latest news is that, Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka, known as Ms. Ada was suffering from a heartbreak and staged everything just to get attention from her boyfriend.
She felt, using the issue of her being raped will make her Ex-boyfriend feel bad about ever leaving her and then come to her.
“She had been jilted for days. Unable to accept the break-up, she pondered on ways to restore the relationship,” multimedia news representative told Joy News.
Many people who know her have mentioned on Social media that, she had been acting weird for a long time and has been fingered to be mentally unstable.
She must have really loved this gentleman who broke up with her for reasons best known to them, but come on, who does that, I mean, she could have faked accident and other things, but to fake that you have been raped and then leak the pictures yourself online, I just don’t know what to think of such a woman.
What do you also think, would you ever do something stupid like this? share your views in the comments box.


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