This Is Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite All Your Efforts

It can be very frustrating trying to shed off some pounds especially when you have that special event coming up. You might register at the gym, buy some slimming products and start a strict diet just to fit into that dress.

But have you realised after losing that weight you gain it all back within a short period?

Well, below are five reasons why that happens and how you can deal with it.

  1. You started with the wrong mindset;

Every decision we make on this earth determines our next move. So before you decided to lose weight did you sit down to ask yourself why you want to do it?

Are you losing weight for health reasons? Are you losing weight to get back your ex-boyfriend? Or you are losing weight just to please society?

If you are losing weight for the reasons above except for health, you are doing yourself more harm than good. These people you are trying to please will move on in a week after you die.

So the first step to losing weight is to have the right mindset. Make sure you are doing it for yourself. You should be losing weight because you want to be healthier, happier and feel light.

This way you are not just looking for a quick fix but making sure you make it a lifestyle.

  1. You didn’t consult your doctor:

I know you will be asking why you need to consult your doctor before losing weight but it is very important to do so. You don’t just get up one morning and decide that you want to lose weight. It’s a process.

Talk to your doctor first so that you know all the health risks involved and all the best diets to go on. Your doctor may suggest a nutritionist who can help you achieve your goal. Knowing the type of foods to eat and the type of vitamins to take from your doctor during your weight loss journey is always the best plan.

So before you go and register at the gym and start killing yourself with excessive workouts, please speak with your doctor and do all the necessary tests.

  1. You want quick results;

It’s so easy to fall into the temptation of buying a lot of weight loss products online that promises you massive results within a week.

These so-called weight loss product vendors will tell that these products don’t have side effects.

But what they are failing to tell you is that in a few years time, your kidneys and liver will be affected.
Losing weight is not an overnight activity.

It takes commitment, discipline and most importantly, patience. Start slow and at your own pace. Don’t be in a hurry to shed off the pounds.

Once a week treat yourself to some of the things you love. One scoop of chocolate ice cream never hurt anyone. Try and rest whenever you are tired.

Treat your body like the temple it is and give yourself realistic time to achieve your goal.

  1. You are not consistent;

Procrastination is a thief of time. I know during your weight loss journey you may loss your zeal to go on.

Your motivation may be gone and you may even feel depressed along the line. Don’t give up! Stay strong, stay consistent and you will be fine.

  1. Finally, going back to your bad habits after losing the weight;

That is one mistake most people do. After losing the weight, they just go back to their bad eating habits. And little by little, they end up gaining all the weight they worked hard to lose.

Try and make eating healthy a lifestyle and you won’t have to struggle with your weight ever again.



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