This Small Girl Did Not Judge Ayisha & Her Advice To Her Will Give Her & Others A New Sense Of Hope (Watch)

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Last week, a video of a 19 year old being banged leaked–It went viral on the internet not just because of the fact that she was having sex but mainly because she having fun with two boys and even a third one who had his share after recording the video.

The girl is known as Ayisha and a former student of St. Louis SHS. From the previous stories in relation to this incident we shared wit you, we told you that, she was having ‘fun’ with her ex-boyfriend, when a friend came in and was allowed to join in on the fun, then a third person came in, and started recording, after which he also had his share of the pie.

The third guy used the video as a tool for blackmail and had his way with her each time he wanted until she got tired and then he leaked the video. Well, it must have been disastrous for Ayisha and humiliating for her friends and family but Sh*t happens in life and for us, we cannot judge her.

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The Child President has also in a new video posted on Facebook and has encouraged Ayisha to move on and learn from what happened to her and not let such incident happen to her again.

This video got us emotional and we believe, Ayisha and several other girls who find themselves in such situations can learn something from it.

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