Those Who Constantly Criticize Others Are Always Stagnant And Never Move Forward- Nathaniel Bassey

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Most people are in the habit of criticizing the actions of others forgetting that they themselves are not so perfect.

Let’s take our Ghanaian celebrities for example, they are always criticized by their fans. They are constantly under scrutiny and unfortunately those criticizing mostly forget they equally have flaws.

Well, according to Nathaniel Bassey, most of these people who do the criticizing are always behind and never move forward.

This is because they use all their time to criticize instead of working on improving their life and moving forward.

Taking to his Twitter page, Nathaniel wrote: “,One thing I’ve discovered about those who negatively and consistently criticize others. They are always behind”.

See his post office below;

🔥‘ "I Won’t let My Boyfriend Into My Apartment Because He Didn’t Pay For The Rent" 😥 😥 👇 👇

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