What Should I Do? For Three Months Now, He Just Doesn’t..

Hello Chris Handler,
My name is Maame Esi. I have been reading your segment open questions with chris handler and i found it interesting, and i want your opinion and that of your readers on what am going through in my current relationship. I have been dating this guy for 5 months now but for the past 3 months he has been avoiding me. He hardly picks my calls or replies my messages and even when he picks it, he tells me he is busy and will call later but never calls. Chris i am very worried because i love him soo much and have tried everything to find out if i have done something wrong but he doesn’t tell me anything. In the first two months of our relationship, it was very passionate and romantic one until we entered into our third month.
He is 23 and completed university this year and i am 20 and i also completed SHS last year. As it is now my relationship is just soo dysfuntional now and i just dont know what to do since he’s not telling me what the problem is, Chris i really love this guy and it hurts me that he ignores me, please advice me on what to do!

Reply From Chris

Your situation is somewhat weird. I mean if the guy has lost interest and has not been calling or paying attention to you for three good months, then your relationship ended long ago, it’s just that he’s not had the courage to tell you girl. If you’ve done something wrong, he would have told you so. If he really loves you, he would have confronted you with what you’ve done wrong. I would advice you talk to him one last time and ask him what he makes of the relationship now. If he doesn’t tell you why and you just cant take it anymore just move on.


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