Thunder will strike anyone who has been paid to tarnish image on social media- Gospel singer Empress Gifty

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Empress Gifty is fuming with anger and it is all because she is not happy with the vituperation she gets from faceless people online without any provocation.

She vented her spleen on trolls and those who she thinks have been paid to run her image down.

Her anger is firmly hinged on recent criticisms directed at her for flaunting her flesh on TikTok despite being a minister of the Gospel.

As sighted in the video below, Gifty said;

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“I am a secular-gospel artiste. I am an entrepreneur, music doesn’t define Empress, this is where I want you people to get it. I don’t depend on only music.”

Gifty warned that those who continue to badmouth her will be struck by thunder and die prematurely;

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“Your jealousy has transformed into witchcraft, I just don’t get it. Be measured when talking about me, there are worse people in your homes. Woman, be measured, take your time. Just because of selfish gains and likes on social media, you sit on your channels to talk about people.

“Let me warn you, from today, anybody who publishes lies about me, may thunder strike you down. May the thunder of the Lord strike your home. Anyone who will take money to ridicule me on Facebook, TikTok, all in the name of likes and comments, on YouTube, Instagram or take money to disgrace Empress Gifty Oppong Adorye, let me tell you whoever you are, you better find a job if you are hungry.”


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