Tima Kumkum Shows Maturity After Nadia Buari ‘Teased’ Her For Marrying To Get Her Ex Jealous

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Media Personality Tima Kumkum has showed real maturity after screen goddess Nadia Buari teased her for marrying to get her ex jealous.

Tima Kumkum during an interview with Delay, admitted she married her ex husband because she wanted to make her ex boyfriend jealous after sleeping with her friend.

The audio of this interview has been circulating around for sometime now on TikTok with people using it for their videos.

Actress Nadia Buari also used the audio and put out her best performance and after shared it on Instagram. Many who saw it laughed real hard and were thinking Tima Kumkum wouldn’t have liked it.

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However, Tima Kumkum herself jumped on the video and shared it with lot of laughs, not taking it so serious. This made netizens applaud her for the maturity she had shown, saying if it was some other celebrity, it could have ended with a beef.

Video below;

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