Times are hard – Opanka

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Armstrong Affum, also known as Opanka, a Ghanaian rapper, has expressed his anguish about the country’s present situation.

The “tietie” singer told Xzone’s Jay Kojo Daasebre (JKD) that rising gas costs and the value of the dollar have made it difficult for him to make a living as a musician.

“Mostly I write songs from my heart. Everyone is going through a lot. Things are tough these days. The street isn’t easy for us. The price of fuel, Dollar is increasing at an incredible rate. The prices of goods and services go up but salaries remain the same”, he said.

According to Opanka, people run to you for financial support when you are popular though you can’t satisfy everyone.

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“When you’re popular, people come to you for financial help. You can’t satisfy everyone who comes to you for such assistance” he added.

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Opanka is from Tema, Ghana, and works as a rapper, performer, poet, composer, and songwriter.

After becoming famous because of a viral freestyle he made of Bradez’s song “Simple,” he released the official track “Obiaa Ne Ni Taste,” which also became a success, and he is still the only Ghanaian to have the Most Popular Freestyle Cover.




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