Top Four (4) Kumawood Actresses Who Will Blow Your Mind With Their Beauty

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The ghanaian movie industry has become one where those in Accra claim they are the “glamorous” movie stars while those in Kumasi go by the name “Kumawood” stars.

This division makes it difficult for them to act together as one people in the same movie industry and sometimes,it makes marketing and promotions difficult,since those living in Kumasi and its environs will love to patronize Kumawood movies and vice versa.

But then,talent they say is not about looks or physical appearance. I can bet that some Kumawood actors and actresses perform better than those ‘glamourous’ actors and actresses. The only thing is that they have to pick up in their productions,story lines and editing to change the mindset of most people who look down on them as a division of the movie industry in Ghana.

- Advertisement - brings to you some top 4 Kumawood actresses who will dazzle you with their beauty.  See and leave your sincere comments below:

#1.Vivian Lawrence Jill

Honestly,she is a very good actress and I would always be spend time to watch her movies. She is a good deliverer,very fluent and pretty.Vivian jill

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vivian jill


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