Top 5 Betting Companies In Ghana 2018 According To Latest Survey

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There are soo many betting companies in Ghana, with new ones joining the market every now and then, but there are some that have become a favorite of the people, so Ghbase shares with you the top 5 betting companies in Ghana as at September 2018.

1.Betway: Yes, Betway has captured a majority of the Ghanaian market and is seen as the second biggest betting company in Ghana. Their website is easy to use, they allow easy and fast deposits and withdrawals. To get an account with Betway, click on the banner below to sign-up and get 50% bonus now. Soccabet is perhaps the biggest betting company at this stage with several stories in every corner of the country, allowing punters to walk in to stake bets of their choice. Soccabet also has a simple website that makes sports betting easier for most people and they have fair odds.

3.1xbet: This bookie has been around for a while but started operating in Ghana sometime in 2017 and has grown quickly over this short period, making it one of the favorites for most people. When they started, they had issues with deposits as they were struggling to get their license but now they have full license to operate and their operations are now very smooth.

Interestingly, 1xbet has the highest odds as compared to other local bookies, their deposits and withdrawals are very fast and they have soo many features that makes the site exciting to use. For instance, you can get insurance for your bets, sell your bet slip before it spoils, watch live games, more live games to bet on, and they even have several jackpot options, they call TOTO on Football, basketball and Hockey.

It’s easy to get an account on 1xbet and you can deposit with Mobile money and withdraw with Mobile money when you win. So press here to get your 1xbet account today and start placing bets with them. They give 200% bonus on your first deposit, and 100% bonus anytime you deposit and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

One interesting thing we’ve noticed about 1xbet is the fact they, they have soo many options for each game and to be honest some of these options are not available on other bookies, so if you want to be smart and win more, it’s best to stick to a reliable company like 1xbet, so get here to claim your 1xbet account today

4.Supabet: This company has been there for long and also another great bookie to register and what’s interesting about them is the bonus options they give to clients.

5.Betpawa: Yes, this one is also new but they have started winning people over and they were mentioned when we were conducting our survey. You might want to check them out.

From the survey that was conducted, it was also discovered that most people like to have at least 3 betting companies from different companies.

Surprisingly, we also realized that, everyone is now ensuring they have a 1xbet account and that they use that more as it gives them more convenience. In case you want to get this account, it’s easy just follow this link to get your 1xbet account and when you need P**romo Code, use 1x_20546 or 1x_20760.




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