Transport fares to go up by 19% from October 29 – GPRTU

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has declared that beginning on Saturday, October 29, 2022, there will be a 19% rise in the prices charged for public transportation.

The increase, as stated by the union, was deemed obligatory owing to the persistent rise in the pricing of petroleum products that can be found at a variety of gas stations.

In addition to this, the value of the Cedi is also declining, which contributes to soaring inflation.

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Godfred Abulbire, the General Secretary of the Union, was recently interviewed by Joy News, and he said that the Union would be issuing a statement later on today in order to alert passengers about the most recent changes to the tariffs.

After a lengthy conversation with President Akufo-Addo and other transport operators from throughout the nation, he claimed that the Union decided on a 19% increase as opposed to an earlier proposal for a 49% increment. He stated this happened after the debate.

At the moment, Diesel and Petrol are both selling for over GH15 and GH13 correspondingly at major gasoline stations. Transport companies have said that this scenario is cutting into their profits.

In the meanwhile, VIP JEOUN has announced new transportation fees that will go into effect on Monday, October 24 for the general public.

The fee between Accra and Kumasi, which used to be GH85, has increased to GH100, while the rate between Accra and Sunyani has increased to GH130.

Additionally, the cost of travelling from Accra to Tamale will be 240 Ghana cedis (GH).



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