Trevor Noah Father

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Trevor Noah is a famous South African actor, born on February 20, 1984 to Robert Trevor and Patricia Nombuyiselo. He might have been known widely as an actor, but that isn’t just what Trevor does, he is Also a renowned television presenter and host, comedian, as well as one that is a good writer.

His amazing acting skills and pitching tone helped him to acquire public notification. Almost all of his comedies are relatable and was liked by many people.

Trevor Noah was featured in South African Broadcasting Corporations such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Daily Show amongst other comedy shows.

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Noah made lots of impacts in all the sectors he found himself working throughout his multiple careers, as a writer he wrote many high profile books that are still of relevance to the public, on of his popular book named Born a Crime was entirely based on his own real life events and everything that came up as a challenge throughout his life.

Noah Trevor father

Noah Trevor’s father is Robert Trevor. Robert is a renowned businessman and a chef believed to be born in-between the years 1935 and 1938. He rose to fame as the father of Noah Trevor.

Robert Trevor educational background

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Robert is someone who knows the real value of education. But he never disclose any information regarding his educational background. However, according to researches, He attended a local high school.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah And his father

Robert Trevor career

Robert worked in New York and Canada. Roberts is the first person to open integrated restaurant in Johannesburg. He then moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Noah Trevor father  relationship status

Robert met Patricia Nombuyiselo in South Africa during one of his marketing tours. They kept their relationship secret since it’s a crime for an African to marry Whites in the 1980’s.

After the birth of Noah, the authorities came to notice that a black woman had a relationship with a white man which lead to the imprisonment of Patricia and she was additionally find.

Robert was unable to meet his son Noah in normal circumstances since he would be jailed by the authorities when they find out he did so. Robert only get the chance to meet his son on Sundays only and they visits restaurants to ear his favorite dish. However, Robert relocated to Cape Town in South Africa from Johannesburg.

Initially, Noah thought his father didn’t loved him that’s why he didn’t visit him for seven years. But after the first meeting of father and son, Noah get to know that his father loved him than anyone else.

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Robert Trevor was a social activist who loves to help children and stands against racism which lead to his opening of a restaurant in Johannesburg where both blacks and whites eats.

Robert Trevor height

Robert stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in-between 59-63 kilograms.

Robert Trevor net worth

The businessman and chef Robert Trevor basically earns from his career. He bagged an estimated net worth of over $ 2 million.

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