Trolls affect our mental health – Beverly Afaglo

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Actress Beverly Afaglo has lambasted social media trolls saying that celebrities are affected mentally because of these trolls.

Beverly Afaglo is of the opinion that some persons intentionally subject celebrities to trolls. She has asked cyber trolls to take into consideration the mental health of celebrities.

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In a chat with Daily Graphic, actress Beverly who has experienced a bad experience from cyber trolls said it was a sorry situation because she realized people don’t care about how celebrities feel.

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“Celebrities are not demigods. We are also flesh and blood, just like every other person, and the negative things people say to us, in the name of trolling, badly affect us. Some people say it comes with being a celebrity or it comes with the job so just as you enjoy the positive side, accept or live with the negatives too, but it’s not that easy because we are humans.

“Sometimes, I sincerely want to know why these people, who sit behind their computers or use their phones, feel when they insult or make derogatory remarks about others on social media.

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“I always say that should the tables turn and they find themselves in our shoes, will they be able to take what they throw at us?” she said.

“The times that we live in seem to be defined by celebrity abuse, directed to them via social media. There is just no escape from trolling and the worst part is that people today need no reason to peddle hate, especially at celebs.

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“I have come to accept the happenings and I’m getting used to it. But what I won’t accept is when trolls drag my family into it. It really hurts me when my family, siblings, children, and husband are dragged into that kind of mess.
“Yes, my husband is also a celebrity but when trolls feel they want to be on my case because of an issue that has happened, I would very much appreciate it if my family is left out.

“It is really psychologically draining to watch your family being subjected to public ridicule and insults just because you are a popular figure and people feel entitled to be part of your life.



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