Twitter Users Roast Beautiful Lady After Saying; “Nigerian men are not my type”

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A lady on Twitter under the username Vivian Rora has been bashed by netizens on Twitter after she tweeted that; “Nigerian men are not my type, they can’t afford me”.

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Wearing a brown dress with “Jane” written all over it, and holding her waist to pose for the cameras, with some old sandals to match, Vivian was certainly getting ready to be trolled as she planned a caption in her minds.

After making the tweet; “ Nigerian men are not my type of men, they can’t afford men. my type of man is rare.”  twitter users decided to zoom in on her poor looking slippers to expose her own broke self, that she’s using to look for a rich man to take care of her.

Vivian’s tweet had garnered over 1.5k replies with some reading;



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