Sunday, November 29, 2020

Two Ladies Praise Their Former Boyfriend Who Treated Them Like A Queen On Social Media Only to Find Out They Dated The Same Guy

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Two Nigerian ladies found out to their utter shock that the man they were both praising on social media as having treated them like a queen like no other actually dated the both of them without their knowledge.

The interesting drama started when one of the beautiful ladies, Mercy Inyang disclosed that she once dated a  guy called Damola who treated him exceptionally well, and since they went their separate ways, no man has been able to fit into the over-sized he left behind.

Moments after she shared the story, another lady also came out to disclose how she was equally pampered by her former boyfriend after which she tagged him to the tweet and that was when they discovered that it’s the same Damola that they both dated.

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Here’s how the story unfolds;

“I’ve only ever dated one guy that was proud of being with me and always showed me off. He was my first boyfriend.

No one else ever treated me like Damola did. Every other person tried to mould me into their spec and made me feel like I was asking for too much. I miss that guy.”

“You guysss!!! So someone I never knew before saw this tweet and could relate to it because she dated someone like Damola. So she tagged her ex to the tweet and guess what guyssss. He’s the same Damola. We dated the same Damola and he was a good boyfriend to her too”.

For those asking, myself and Damola didn’t have a bad breakup. I was 17 and I left town for Uni. He also relocated and we never got to see each other for the next 5 or 6yrs. We are still good friends.”

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