Tyga crowns Eminem and Lil Wayne as best rappers of all time on Complex’s GOAT Talk

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When it narrowed to who his best rappers are, the 32-year-old did not hesitate to mention the names of Eminem and Lil Wayne.

“GOAT Rappers… I’m gonna have to go with like, prime Lil Wayne and prime Eminem for me. I think those are my two favourite rappers. For sure.”

Although the duo has not been vibrant in recent times, their legendary status still echoes everywhere and makes them the ideal candidates for Tyga when it comes to who is best rappers of all time are.

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Away from that, recall that Tyga’s “Wavy Baby” shoes were the subject of a contentious hearing in federal court in Brooklyn on Wednesday (April 17), during which attorneys for Vans and a New York design studio sparred over whether the shoe was protected art or an unauthorised counterfeit.


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