Tyler Hall Stafford Bio, Age & Facts About Matthew Stafford’s Daughter

Tyler Hall Stafford is best known as the daughter of American National Football League player, Matthew Stafford. Matthew plays for the Los Angeles Rams. He was also a first-team All-American at Georgia and was drafted first overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft. In this post, we have all the details concerning his daughter. Keep reading.

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Who Are Tyler Hall Stafford’s Parents?

Tyler Hall was born to Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall. The couple married on 4 April 2015 and has since been together.

Who Is Kelly Hall, Tyler Hall Stafford’s Mother?

Kelly Hall was a cheerleader and also the sister of former NFL player and current Buffalo Bills wide receivers coach Chad Hall. She married Matthew Stafford on 4 April 2015 and has so far 4 children with him. Kelly Stafford stated on her Instagram page that she has a brain tumor in April 2019. And so, she underwent a 12-hour surgery on April 21.

Who Is Matthew Stafford, Tyler Hall Staford’s Father?

Matthew Staford was born on 7 February 1988 in Tampa, Florida to John and Margaret Stafford. He is an American football quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. Matthew played college football at Georgia as a first-team All-American and was later selected first overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Stafford is the third in all-time passing yards per game and the fastest NFL player to reach 40,000 passing yards. He became the fourth NFL quarterback to throw for over 5,000 yards in a single season. After his accomplishments in Detroit from 2014 to 2016, he was traded in 2021 to the Rams.

How Old Is Tyler Hall Stafford?

Tyler Hall Stafford was born on 26 June 2020. She will be 2 years on 26 June 2022.

Tyler Hall Stafford’s Siblings

She is not the only child of her parents. In fact, she is the last born. Her siblings include twins Chandler and Sawyer (born in March 2017), and Hunter Hope (born in August 2018).

Tyler Hall Stafford’s Net Worth

She has no net worth at the moment as she is still a child. In the future, we will update you on Tyler Hall Stafford’s net worth.

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