Actress Etinosa Reveals Why People Could Date For More Than 6 Years Only To Divorce After Less Than A Year Of Marriage

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Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia has revealed one of the reasons people could date each other for so long but will normally have short-lived marriages when they decide to marry.

According to Etinosa, it is unrealistic expectations about marriage that makes believe divorce just a year into their marriage after they have dated for six years or even more.

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Etinosa Idemudia

The actress was wondering why this is the case but stated that there could be other reasons but she certainly thinks that unrealistic expectation about marriage is what causes short-lived marriages.

According to her, people do not know that there are no significant differences between dating and marriage except that the formalities have to be done, I.e paying bride prices and sending the lady home to live with the man permanently.

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That aside, what you do during dating is quite the same things that you are going to be doing when you marry each other.

When both parties expect to be treated differently from how they treated themselves when they were dating, it is the point that the problems in the marriage begin, Etinosa reckons.

Etinosa reckoned further that one of the reasons could also be that one or both parties would just pretend to be around and not complain about certain bad things that the other does so that they will be married and when they do get married, the reality dawns that it isn’t worth it anymore and so they have to settle for the divorce.

When people lower their expectations about marriage and continue to do the same things that kept them together for that long when they were courting, they should have life-long marriages and not have to divorce after just a few years together.

The reasons for short-lived marriages are abundant but this one as pointed out by Etinosa cannot be overlooked.

See Etinosa’s thoughts below;






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