UGA Student Death, Liza Burke Brain Hemorrhage, GoFundMe

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The news of Liza Burke’s death in Mexico has garnered significant attention. During her spring break in Cabo San Lucas, the University of Georgia student suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was subsequently placed on life support.

At the time of writing, her family was reportedly transporting her to Jacksonville for further treatment. In support of the family, a GoFundMe campaign was launched by Burke’s fellow seniors.

On what seemed to be a typical day for spring breakers, Burke informed her friends that she was returning to her hotel room after experiencing a headache during breakfast. Her friends later found her unresponsive and immediately sought assistance.

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After being taken to the hospital, Burke was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which caused a brain bleed leading to her condition. According to one of Burke’s friends, she was placed on life support following the hemorrhage.

Liza Burke UGA Student GoFundMe 

A University of Georgia senior is currently on life support, as reported by Jennifer Ritter, who set up a GoFundMe page to support the student’s family. The senior was on spring break in Mexico with friends, who were unable to wake her up.

As of late Monday, the fundraiser has raised over $107,000, which will be used to fly the student, named Burke, from Mexico to Jacksonville, Florida, using a life-saving aircraft.

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On Friday morning, Burke woke up feeling fine in Cabo San Lucas but complained about a headache during breakfast, according to Ritter. When she went to her room to rest, her friends were unable to wake her up, prompting them to call for an ambulance a few hours later.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Burke was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation, which caused a cerebral hemorrhage. Research from Johns Hopkins suggests that arteriovenous malformation occurs when a collection of blood vessels fails to develop correctly in the body, resulting in unusually knotted arteries and veins that create direct connections.

Mexican doctors have advised that Burke be returned to the United States for immediate treatment, according to Ritter. She described Burke as a sincere, energetic, playful, and fearless individual who has touched the lives of many and still has much to offer the world.

Liza Burke Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

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Arteriovenous malformations, as defined by John Hopkins University Medical, occur when blood vessels form improperly, bypassing normal tissue and capillaries between arteries and veins. This abnormality is usually present at birth or soon after, and its origin is unknown. While there are typically no initial symptoms, it is often detected when other health issues arise, such as the rupture of one of the blood vessels.

Only 1% of cases result in death, with less than 4% leading to hemorrhages. In some cases, AVM is only discovered during an autopsy. The condition has four stages, with Stage 1 characterized by heated and pink skin, while Stages 2 through 4 involve discomfort and bleeding before eventual heart failure.

While there is no recognized cure for AVM, its symptoms can be managed. Surgeons may be called upon to help address the issue.


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