Unsuspecting Teenager Wears Friend’s Sakawa Ring And Faces the Risk of Losing His Finger (+PHOTOS)

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Sakawa, also known as ‘Blood Money’ is a way of acquiring money through rituals which require blood sacrifices. People who engage in such sacrifices usually wear rings which carry spiritual powers.
According to friends and family of the victim, he claimed that as they were playing video games at Iron City, Kasoa, the shiny surface of the ring attracted him. Therefore, he took it and wore it through the night.
Much to his dismay, he woke up with a swollen finger. Many attempts have been made to remove the ring, but they have all been rendered futile. The best blacksmiths were able to do was to break the ring. Out of desperation, the family of the boy sought for help from pastors and doctors, but to no avail.

Apparently, the spiritualist who gave out the ring to the original owner warned that it must not come into contact with water and that it is only a newborn baby’s blood that can reverse this when used to appease the deity that the ring is from.

Until then, the ring continues to dig and tear into the young boy’s flesh and bones.

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