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Update: Why Fans Want To ‘Crucify’ Becca For Bleaching – Read Full Story

- Advertisement - today, January 16, 2018 made a publication about Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca in relation to the sudden transformation of her complexion from ‘ebony’ to extremely fairer. After the publication and following keenly about sentiment expressed by fans of Becca’s bleaching saga, their motive for the backlash have become obvious.

Well, Ghanaians especially fans are extremely wild on Becca not because she is the only celebrity who is currently bleaching. But because she had always since the inception of her career being an advocate of “True African Beauty”. Becca won the hearts of many as well as us awards for her biggest hit of all time titled “African woman”, so what happened? Ardent followers of Becca are in dilemma as to what triggered the sudden change in the complexion of the “African Woman” advocate.

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All other things being equal, Becca is adequately aware of the dangers associated with skin toning considering the level of her education as well as her position as “African woman” advocate. In short, she has not changed her complexion out of ignorance. It’s far from that: it’s probably because of a deep-seated inferiority complex which education and exposure couldn’t eliminate. To curb the growing malice, advice wouldn’t work much–moderate ridicule by society may be the solution.

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Bleaching BECCA


Sadly, Becca is not the first and wouldn’t be the last Ghanaian celebrity to arrive at this point despite the complications associated with skin toning. On records, Yvonne Nelson (actress), Ama Boahemaa (musician), others, have been victims of overnight change in complexion. In all cases, it took the intervention of public “crucifixion” to reverse their wrongful path taken. Again, advice won’t work for Becca to burn the bleaching pills and creams but much–moderate ridicule by society may be the best solution.

Watch “African Woman” by Becca below.



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