Update: The alleged Kejetia ‘Sakawa’ guy details what caused his abnormal behaviour (+ video

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Most recently, we reported on an alleged “Sakawa” boy who was spotted at Kejetia market in Kumasi behaving strangely which caused a stir in the market as people were stunned.

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In the video, the young man was seen making some weird gesture whiles reciting some words which were not audible. Fast forward, people around him at the time erroneously concluded that he’s into blood money or if you like Sakawa.

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But the good news is that we’ve been able to lay hands on the alleged sakawa guy under discussion kind courtesy GHPage TV. Detailing what happened in the interview, born Agyeman Badu explained that he is not a ritualist but just a phase he was going through to overcome some demons tormenting him.

According to Agyeman Badu, he wasn’t able to complete Senior High School so his late father decided to take him to Spain where he joined a football club.

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Agyeman described himself as the ‘Saviour of the world’ and while he was in Spain, one of the leaders in the club decided to introduce him into occultism in order to make him the most sought after player in Spain.

Agyeman explained that he agreed to this idea but he realized he was been tormented so, in January 2014, he decided to leave Spain for Madrid and later to Barcelona.

He added that from Barcelona, he had plans of moving to Holland but was detained at the France Border because he wasn’t having the required papers to travel to Holland.

Sakawa boy chanting at Kejetia market
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The young guy further stated that he was detained for almost two weeks and after some court proceedings decided to deport him back to Ghana on 10th April 2014.

In reacting to why he went to the Kejetia market to chant, he explained that some evil forces and demons are fighting against him so his action at the market was to fight back the demons.

He added that he went to Kejetia Market to call on God to help him fight the demons who want him dead. According to him, there would have been a great disaster in Ghana if anyone dares lay his hands on him.

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Agyeman Badu reiterated his point that he is not a Sakawa guy and has never gone to a fetish priest for any spiritual powers. More importantly, he vowed never to step foot at Kejetia Market for history to repeat itself because he might lose his life due to mob action.

Watch full interview below:




Portion of text culled from ghpage.com.


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