Upper West Region: Young couple flogged for leaking their sekz video will be forced to marry (Details)

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The overlord of the Overlord of the Waala Traditional Council, Na Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV has said the young couple who were flogged for leaking their sekz video will be forced to marry as one of the punishable provisions made for them. 

The chief who initially denied ordering his subjects to flog the duo- has now accepted responsibility for the corporal punishment meted out to them which as – prompting the police to step in. 

In a report filed by the Ghana News Agency (GNA), he said the flogging was of maintaining discipline in the youth and reminding them obscenities such as what the two young lovers did could not be condoned in their traditional area. 

He said aside from the beating, they will me married compulsorily to serve as a warning to miscreants in the area. 

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“Besides the flogging, parents of the boy and the girl will also agree to let the two get married and stay as a couple to serve as a deterrent to the youth to live upright lives,” he said.

Wa Naa went further to explain that aside from instilling discipline and morality in the youth, the punishment forms part of the measures the traditional council and opinion leaders in the municipality put in place to save its image and make it attractive to investors.

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“The measure will also let people who come to Wa enjoy their stay and outsiders who have relatives will not be worried about their safety,” he said.

When his spokesperson spoke on Tuesday, May 31, the day the flogging video emerged online and sparked angry reactions, he condemned it, saying it would dent the reputation of the palace. He also vowed that perpetrators of the crime would be identified and brought to book.

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