“Use The Most Expensive And Powerful Love Charm On A Man, He Will Still Cheat” – Jane Mena

Popular celebrity dancer, Jane Mena has cautioned fellow women who are using love charms on men to love them.

She emphasized that if a woman uses the most powerful charm on a man just to have him to herself will receive a shook of her life that the man will steal cheat on her.

She made this known in her latest post on Instagram saying men who are being held by charm will still be the women who used it on them.

According to her, it would be better for any woman to use the money for the charm on themselves than using to buy charm on a man.

In a video shared she wrote, ”Sist, don’t do it🌝 Please use that money to buy yourself pizza and Ice-cream”

She added, “See, If you like use the most expensive and powerful love charm on a man, he will still cheat and dump you.”


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