Vabbing: Doctors warn against TikTok craze of women using vaginal discharge as Perfume

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There’s a new craze on TikTok called vabbing which sees single women use their vaginal discharge as perfume.

The bad news for these contemporary women who jump on anything new trend on social media is doctors say this new phenomenon could cause thrush or even infertility.

Per the definition of this behaviour, women smear fluid behind the ears and neck designed to attract men a practice which is embedded in myth and science prevalent in animals.

Proponents claim it increases the chance of attracting men, by spreading their pheromones — chemicals made by the body to attract mates in some animals.

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It was made popular by American Tiktokker Mandy Lee whose original video racked up 1.5million views.

However, doctors say there is little evidence to support pheromones work the same way in humans and warn it carries serious risks of vaginal infections, including thrush and bacterial vaginosis.

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This is because dirty fingers can spread the fungus and bacteria that cause the two infections.

Dr Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gynaecologist in London, told MailOnline it could also lead to problems with fertility.

Bacterial infections can lead pelvic inflammatory disease, where the bugs spread from the cervix to organs higher up. This can lead to scarring in the fallopian tubes, making it difficult for fertilised eggs to reach the womb.


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