Versatile Blazers to Build Your Wardrobe

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You can’t possible spend every dollar on trendy clothes; classics are, after all, still the most important pieces in your wardrobe. You must, however, have a few tricks up your sleeve to look chic and in-fashion despite the limited outfits in your closet. The trick is to learn to mix and match your tops and bottoms to create fresh looks, and to have some versatile outerwear that will transform your look from something casual and ordinary to one with panache. Blazersand jackets can do that to your OOTD (outfit of the day) and more.


You have a wide range of choices with almost every fashion label carrying their own version or design of a blazer, even a parka jacket. The key is not just to buy, but to know which pieces to invest in and the labels to buy. If you are shopping online, you got much going for you as there are lots of inexpensive but chic blazer choices spread on the pages of many fashion sites. Don’t get overwhelmed with choices. There are several classic types of blazers and jackets; know each of them and decide which suits your body type and lifestyle.

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  • Boyfriend Blazer. Longer, looser and looks like the 80s style without the pads on the shoulders. Roll up the sleeves and match it up with skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings, and shorts to achieve a casual look. Remember, wearing it with loose skirts and jeans or skirts is a big no-no.


  • Cropped Blazer. If you are tall and slender, and you want something that can go from a morning work to evening cocktails, this is the one for you. Just change your footwear from pumps to heels, add up a chunky accessory kept in your office drawer for the purpose, and dab a crimson lipstick and you’re good to go.


  • Belted Blazer. Do you want to look chic and proper effortlessly? This type can give you a great look that can successfully take you through professional meetings “with the boys.” It gives you the feminine shape that can disarm the male company without trying too hard. It looks perfect when matched with a slim fit pants or a pencil skirt. Women with thicker waists need not fear it; there are actually styles that will give them a slimmer silhouette.
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  • Fitted Blazer. Let go of your out-of-fashion boxy business wear! Instead, go for this fitted type that can suit any body type, shape and age. It is so versatile you can easily dress this up or down with the right accessories. Just a piece can give you a multitude of possibilities. If you are a social butterfly with myriad of unpredictable appointments and dates during and after work, keep one handy and you’ll be amazed at your chameleonic transformations each time.


  • Classic Blazer. Too demure or mature to try anything different? This type of blazer is classic as you want it to be. While women 50 or older generally prefer this style, younger women can still give this type a younger appeal with the right bases and accessories. You can also give this an air of freshness with your color and print choices. Make sure that you have the right fit when you go for this classic cut.


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