Very soon LilWin will roam on the streets and beg for money because of Kwaku Manu – Sayeth Abusua One God

The truth is, actor LilWin started so well in his acting business as well as life, but deductively from the current happening in his life, critical thinking minds especially Abusua One God fear for the aftermath.

Thus, the above-mention actor year go decided to establish a citadel, however, the citadel jeep on bringing troubles day after day including the bus of the school killing a 5-yaer-old girl most recently. Read that incident by clicking here.

Back to the subject matter, Abusua One God has made it emphatic that colleague actor Kwaku Manu of Kumawood Films is behind the agonies of LilWin not excluding then accident that took place in his school most recently.

The servant of the Karma god has revealed that Kwaku Manu and some family of Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin have plotted his downfall.

In a viral video sighted by out outfit, Abusua One God revealed that Kwaku Manu has teamed up with the family of LilWin to destroy him (LilWin) spiritually.

He added that after finishing LilWin’s career spiritually, they caused the accident at LilWin’s school and used the blood of the one who died to thank the gods.

Abusua One God then urged LilWin to consult powerful spiritualists to avert this plot else he’ll soon walk on the streets barefoot and beg for his daily bread.



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