Veteran rapper Joe Frazier recounts how tampi made him drink 14 bottles of Ice Kenkey

Joe Frazier while shedding light on the negative vibe associated with weed in a recent interview, revealed how he ingested 14 bottles of iced kenkey at a go after smoking.

In a conversation with Amansan Krakye on radio, the rhymer said it was peer pressure that lured him into smoking. He’s quoted as saying;

“I’ve tried smoking wee only once in my life and after smoking, I drank a total of 14 bottles of iced kenkey so since that time I have vowed not to try smoking marijuana again.

I had a squad who was into drugs and that was way back before I started doing music so they convinced me to just try to pull a puff of the marijuana.

By then I had never smoked wee before so we were passing each other with the wee and I wanted to prove to my friends that I’m also a guy so after 15 minutes I didn’t feel anything.

However, after 25 minutes I started laughing for almost 30 minutes non-stop and when we got to a supermarket that sells iced kenkey, I drank a number of bottles so after counting I realized I’ve consumed 14.”


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