VGMA is an award scheme for musicians in Accra, not Ghana – Frank Mensah Pozo

Frank Mensah Pozo, a highlife artist, claims that the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) are not what their organizers claim they are, but rather an award program specifically designed for musicians in the nation’s capital.

He claims that the initiative launched 20 years ago exclusively targeted musicians who reside in Accra, keeping those outside the city in the dark.

He asserted that regardless of how brilliant a singer may be, the scheme’s organizers will never acknowledge him or her since they do not live in Accra.

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“The VGMA is an Accra-based awards scheme. You won’t be awarded if you don’t live in Accra. How are you going to be awarded if you don’t stay there?  Frank Mensah Pozo asked Ike Se Unpredictable on Angel Drive.

Frank Mensah Pozo urged the presenter to Google to discover if any artists who remained outside the limits of Accra had won a VGMA award when he was asked to provide evidence for his assertion.

“It was only Lord Kenya who stayed in Kumasi and still got awarded by the VGMA”, he revealed.


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