Friday, June 5, 2020

Video: A Man And A Woman Have To Show A Marriage Certificate Before Entering A Hotel

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We all know how ‘strict’ Islam countries are when it comes to sekx and morality. South Sudan is a predominant Muslim country and to ensure there’s discipline and reduce immorality, the authorities are coming out with a policy that looks weird from a neutral perspective.

The government has passed a resolution that demands that any man who enters into a hotel or a pub with a woman for banging and benging should produce a marriage certificate first before being allowed to use the facility.

The announcement came minutes after the governor, Mr Wani banned night clubs and restricted opening hours of bars in the country’s capital city of Juba to between 5pm and 10pm in the evening. The move he said was to prevent teens especially girls as young as 13 from patronising such places.

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Speaking to the press, the governor stated: “We banned discos totally because what is happening there is really very dangerous for the future of this country. We are serious and we are going to make sure discos are not working in this country until we make sure that there is stability and the young ones cannot go there.”


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