Video: Any man who services a woman in bed for over 30 minutes is a mad person – Nigerian pastor

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Ladies of today dully consider the number of minutes a guy lasts in bed before agreeing to marry them in the long run. To these ladies, marrying a guy who can’t last long in bed during intercourse can’t be classified a marriage material and also not worth dying for.

This perception is relatively weird; however, you can’t blame them either taking into consideration the benefits of intercourse in relationships. But in the rightful thinking of as Pastor Oladele Ogundipe, any man who services a woman in bed for over 30 minutes is a mad person

Pastor Oladele Ogundipe during his sermon in church asserted that a meaningful s-x between a couple should not be more than five minutes and that any man who wants to stay on a woman for over 30 minutes is a mad man.

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His assertion in the viral video has garnered several reactions. It could be recalled that renowned Ghanaian Cleric Bishop Obinim made a similar assertion concerning duration s-x should last.

In one of his sermons, he indicated that s-x shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes and that s-x mostly last for 10 minutes.

Watch Video:

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