(VIDEO) Don Jazzy Lifts Lid On Why He Is Still Unmarried, Says He Can’t Just Be With One Woman

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The popular Nigerian music producer and the boss of the Mavin Records, who still does not have any women of note in his life as a wife, has opened the lid as to why he is still unmarried.

According to him, it is not just in him to be with one woman as he says he is not strong enough for that.

He added that the fact that a woman is beautiful does not make him lose sight of the many beautiful women out there and so keeping to only one of them is not just something that he could do as he will always admire other beautiful women.

Don Jazzy revealed this in a short clip released my the Nancy Isime show saying that he can’t just be with one lady and telling her she is the only one.

He hailed men who can commit to one woman and referring to her as the only one but he is just not able to do that opening up on the reason why he is still single despite advancing in age and arguably rich too.

“I don’t truly believe that I’m strong enough to be with one person, so I think people will stay away from me for being sincere, I don’t know, I can’t be in a relationship with one lady and be telling her she’s the only one I have. Some people have the power you know, once they’re attracted to someone, those things that used to get you attracted to people will disappear,” he said.

“I hail you guys but me, you are a beautiful lady, it would not stop me from having my eyes on that gorgeous lady that’s over there. She’s beautiful,” he added.


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