(+VIDEO) I was offered a bribe of Ghc5000 to k!ll a woman – Former Rev. Obofour and LilWin’s bodyguard reveals

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Former Rev. Obofour and LilWin’s bodyguard has shared a shocking story of how he was offered a bribe of GHC5000 to take the life of a woman.

The former celebrity bodyguard who is only known as Rock mentioned in an interview with Prime Page that he has worked with Rev Obofour, Lilwin and some MPs and their line of duty os protect these people from anything that poses a threat to their lives.

Further in the interview, Rock narrated that a woman once contacted him through a friend and asked him to take the life of a friend to who she owes an amount of ghc100,000.

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According to Rock, he was offered an amount of ghc5000 with ghc2,500 paid in cash on the spot and asked to take the rest after he finished the job.

He accepted the offer and reported the issue to the Police who through voice recordings arrested the woman and sent her to court to be jailed.

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Watch the full interview below;

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx1S7ZKWj3w&w=804&h=452]

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