Video: Kalybos Gets Duped In London, Pays 20 Pounds Just To Take A Selfie

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Kalybos has been duped in London and he paid 20 pounds for just been DUMB!

Well, don’t freak out yet, it’s another episode from his infamous Boys Kasa skit, “Adventures of Kalybos”

In the new video, Kalybos takes a trip to London and takes some selfies at the famous London Bridge. Just when he was enjoying the moment, a man approaches him and tells him, he has to pay money for taking the pictures there.

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A “dumb” Kalybos who was scared pays 20 pounds thinking he had played smart on the guy, only to discover, he’s been fooled.

Want to see the drama unfold? Hit the play button on the video below and please do share after watching. Follow on Twitter @officialghbase



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