Video: Kanye West Gave Jay Z & Beyonce A Fright When He Tried Snatching Beck’s Grammy

Now who said,  Kanye West has not got a sense of humour? What he did at last night’s Grammy Awards has got people laughing.

When Kanye West walked toward the stage, he sure gave Jay Z and Beyonce a fright. Kanye West walked toward the stage just before Beck accepted his Grammy for album of the year. Just as the couple thought they were in for a repeat of Kanye’s Taylor Swift moment from the 2009 MTV VMAs, he turned around and went back to his seat.

Getty Images: Beck
Getty Images: Beck

Watch What Kanye Did Below

 Beyonce was heard saying “No, Kanye, no” and the horror look on Jay Z melted away into smiles and laughter. 

Now I think we should invite Kanye for a comedy show in Ghana. He’s such a great one. 


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