Video: Man Angrily Takes Off Girlfriend’s Shoes, Food & All That He Bought For Her At Restaurant After She Said ‘No’ To His Proposal

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A video is currently trending online, which aside being funny shows how ruthless some guys can be when their emotions are badly bruised.

Just like we often see these days whereby men go down on their knees publicly to propose to their girlfriends, this unnamed gentleman replicated the same romantic routine when he took his girlfriend to a restaurant.

The guy after receiving the backing of other people in the restaurant including the waiters and waitresses as they cheered him on, received the shock of his life when the girl surprisingly said no to his proposal.

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That was when dude went mad and did the unthinkable by demanding all the things he has bought for the lady including the sneakers she was wearing at the moment. The guy took everything and dashed off, amidst curse.



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