Video: Man Rejects This Beautiful Girl’s Marriage Proposal At The Mall & She Couldn’t Stop Crying Like A Baby

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I don’t know where people get the idea that, it’s romantic to propose to people in public places–Like for what reason? What if the person embarrasses you? People should know that, not everyone dating you really wants to marry you, so before you think of pulling such a ‘romantic action’ discuss with the person that, this is what you plan to do.

A new video circulating on Social media, shows a very beautiful and bootylicious woman go on her kneels to propose to her boyfriend in the mall inside Nigeria but it appears, the said boyfriend wasn’t ready for marriage, for reasons best known to her.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen videos of women rejecting proposals from boyfriends on grounds that, their boyfriends cheated on them with their best friends. In one of the recent videos, the lady even poured water on the guy after he proposed and she showed him chats that confirmed her suspicion but with this one, we just cannot understand why the young man rejected this beautiful girl’s proposal

Perhaps, he has another serious girlfriend somewhere, or the girl is too bossy? Huh, I cannot conclude but it’s hard to understand why he was not ready to marry her.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts on it with me in comments. For me, I won’t reject the proposal of a fine girl like this ooo. For what?

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